Wedding Hair & Make Up

Bridal Make Up
About me
As a professional make-up artist I only use top quality products on your face, brands that are known for their longevity and quality which allows me to create ultra long lasting make-up with a beautiful flawless finish for your wedding day bridal look. 

In my kit I also have a range of corrective products which can cover dark circles under the eyes, acne roseacea, age spots, birth marks and tattoos.  I specialise in Airbrushing make up which is popular amongst celebrities and gives a fantastic finish in front of the camera.
I pride myself in my ability to put people at ease and have been known to calm down the most nervous of brides and their mum's. I am confident and a perfectionist when it comes to my work and will never let a bride or their bridal party walk down the isle with a hair out of place.

I have this annoying habit of always being early, so you will never wonder where I am. But don’t worry if I am exceptionally early I will never impose I wait in my car until about 10 mins before I am due to come into your house or venue, then I will set up my makeup and hair kit and wait until you are ready for me to start your bridal make-up.

I am passionate about make-up and I am always buying and trialing new makeup products that hit the beauty market and learning new application techniques which allows me to create up to the minute makeup and hair looks.
The Bride
As a bride you’ll want to look your best on your wedding day, whilst still looking like you! As a professional make-up artist I have been trained to enhance your features and make you look great in front of the camera. After all it’s the photos you’ll look at for years to come!I have done many weddings ranging in size from just the bride to large parties including bridesmaids, mother of the bride and mother of the groom. For large wedding parties I work with colleagues who are equally as qualified to assist me on the wedding day.
Pre-Wedding Consultation 
It is essential that all brides have a pre-wedding consultation. This is a time where we can discuss everything from the style of the dress, colour scheme and the look you wish to create. This usually lasts 2-3 hours, at the end we will have established “the look” for your big day. Once you are happy with the hair & make-up everything will be documented, so that on the day of the wedding there is no stress or confusion as to the final look!
Your big day
On the day of the wedding I will arrive at the designated venue. I allow at least an hour and a half for the brides hair & make-up. This is so that we are not pushed for time and any interruptions are not going to have us racing against the clock.This is your time to sit and relax and start enjoying all the planning and hard-work you’ve put into the wedding over the last few months!If your bridesmaids & mother of the bride are also having their make-up done then we will work to a schedule in order to create a calm relaxed environment.