Cluster Lashes

Cluster lashes, or flares, typically consist of groups of 5-8 blunt-end cluster eyelashes knotted together in a bunch. These cluster eyelashes add instant fullness because of their multi-lash flare and they tend to be smaller and shorter than false eyelash strips. They can be applied either directly to the skin (between natural lashes) or on top of a grouping of existing lashes. They are slightly more natural in appearance than false eyelash strips; however they do carry many of the same concerns (the same skin adhesives are used when attaching to the eyelid) as well as a few additional ones:

  • If you look closely you can see how eyelash flares and cluster eyelashes (see below) are not tapered but are blunt at the end. This creates a stiff, abnormal appearance. 
  • The temporary adhesive used can come loose due to perspiration from heat, exercising, dancing, or doing any strenuous activity, creating a potentially embarrassing situation. 
  • Eyelash clusters that are adhered to the natural eyelashes need to be placed on top of several natural lashes at once due to their large size and weight, which cannot be supported by a single lash. Natural lashes grow at different rates. When they are glued together to support flares and left in place for a period of time, the flares will cause faster growing natural lashes to prematurely pull out slower growing lashes from the root because they are adhered together. This can result in permanent damage and lash baldness if done repeatedly. 
  • If flares are attached to the skin, the adhesives can damage the follicle, irritate the eye and increase the risk of infections. 
  • When applied to the skin, cluster eyelashes will last no more than a week.
  • With all eye treatments, avoid using oily eye make-up removers as the oils will strip the tint from eyelashes & eyebrows, & will dissolve the adhesive used to apply Cluster Lashes.
  • Do not pick at the lashes as they will pull your natural lashes out.  Avoid rubbing your eyes and try not to get the lashes too wet.  Do not apply mascara for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive to set.  Lashes can be removed by gently wiping the lashes with baby oil.
  • The amount of time Cluster Lashes last vary from person to person.  If the natural lash is near the end of it's cycle and falls out, the cluster lash will fall out with it.  If properly cared for, Cluster lashes can last a few days. 


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